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Here's a bit of info about us and where we dance. I have been teaching line dancing for 5 years, Ruth has been dancing with me now for 4 years and steps up every now and then to give a hand with the instruction of steps for the dances we do.
We are both passionate about our dancing and love to teach beginner dancers the steps needed to be able to dance the variety of routines.
We have 3 classes a week-2 mornings and 1 evening.Childers Country Line Dancers meet twice a week - Tuesdays 9am-12noon and Wednesday 6pm-9pm. Uniting Church Hall Macrossan Street, Childers.Kickin' Country Line dancers dance once a week on a Monday 12.30pm-2.30pm at the Godfrey Wilson Memorial Hall Milden St, Gin Gin.
All Classes are graded into beginner, intermediate and advanced- majority of dances that we do though are beginner and lower intermediate-we chose dances that all level of ability's can dance to.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dancing starts

We resume dancing...

Gin Gin 1st February at 12.30pm

Childers 2nd February at 9am

Childers 3rd February at 6pm

What's on 2010

Gin Gin 20th March 11.30

March 6th 1pm - 5pm
Uniting Church Hall, Macrossan St, Childers

June 5th 1pm - 5pm
Uniting Church Hall, Macrossan St, Childers

August 7th 1pm - 5pm
Godfrey Wilson Memorial Hall, Milden St, Gin Gin

Christmas TBA

Gordon Elliott
October 30th
Childers Cultural Centre, Churchill St, Childers
theme- Witches, Warlocks & the Wonderful World of Wizardry

Our Favourite Dances for this month

You belong with me
I know you want me
In a letter
Little rhumba

Quote of the month

I don’t want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance…G. Balanchine